Christian Louboutin new shoes to draw the many colorful end of 2016

Your eyes on the dance floor, wait for the new product to draw the Christian Louboutin many colorful.

Christian Louboutin new shoes to draw the many colorful end of 2016
Christian Louboutin new shoes to draw the many colorful end of 2016

New season full power, phosphor and neon yellow high play the leading role, sneakers, complete design of technology, a variety of materials and fabrics and a variety of other mixed plover of the decorative elements of the details.

Huichol indigenous people of Mexico of hand-beaded for a variety of mixing inspiration of geometric shapes, bright colors.

Eclectic metal rivets and the bad girl of the motorcycle sports replica shoes that are designed to get you to the jacket cool world of wide lace and unique motorcycle.

Summer collection also is, “Imagine the toe of octopus tentacles in order to decorate it,” shows the Christian Louboutin naughty side, Christian Louboutin, said in a presentation Octolady flat, shoes are very gem playful call the octopus graphics and legendary decoration you have Sekmet flat Christian Louboutin forever Muse – decorative patterns and geometric lines, such that from the traditional Egyptian costume back to draw inspiration “life to, in the murals of ancient Egypt, it is able to help, but can not indulge in the toe of the dance. ”

2016 more colourful of Christian Louboutin replica shoes
2016 more colourful of Christian Louboutin replica shoes

“Bohemian – Christian Louboutin, very many elegant champagne to the Paris Le Palace ballroom of the full, in his youth back, the night of the season of smell to guide us through time and space is special such a combination of energy, his Christian friends has been released of the party animal “, fearless.

“At the time people were very live attitude, and the attitude, all have in order to make things far more interesting than the seriousness – everyone is dazzling, because enjoying his attitude and the pride of his life in, and they fun attitude spoiled – fun attitude of the unique femininity “, Christian says.

Christian Louboutin replica shoes brand recently, has released an ad of the latest autumn and winter of 2016 footwear line, by the photographer Sofia & Mauro, the designer’s take us to visit his young age wax Zhang Jin, we will witness in a gorgeous retro rock tour.

Integration disco style and luxurious European Renaissance style of the season performance design, a thick line of integration between the bright, modern colors and 1970s, in order to stimulate an eye-infinite charm eyes, Louboutin said: this era of when trying to play people hide the heart, performance normal, still secretly, I want to show off feminine look yourself in the show off the pride calmness of expression.

Wearing custom Christian Louboutin replica shoes gift Clayton’s daughter

“Pour Kelly dear,” Louboutin is surrounded by stars and inscriptions of the heart, and then scrawled in a pair of red sandals on the back of the decoration.

“I like to talk about where they go to the other side of the home – Los Angeles to Paris,” McColgin said, “Christians and Kelly are very wishful thinking of the Paris cafe, chaotic chaos around you.”

Louboutin is at a point , And then blew the colorful group marks, it was because I saw an actress started the Christian Louboutin replica shoes graffiti. “He also customized the daughter of her sparkling pink pair of Christian Louboutin replica shoes princesses, “recalls McColgin,” This does not get any sweetness. ”

Christian Louboutin replica shoes
Christian Louboutin replica shoes

Icon design, graffiti in sparkling pink a pair of 3-year-old Isabel She took a photo with the mother and beauty mixed Georgie.

For the cover, the icons of Christian Louboutin replica, many of his coveted red bottom, a series of beautiful pictures have been taken in the Quixote Mary Rozzi’s heel, the design looks forward to her second child super fans and best friends Kerry Washington, in Los Angeles, submitted the studio in June.

It has been accompanied by two-year-old daughter Isabelle and Cissy in order to meet the legend of Washington mixed Georgi brought.

“Yes, they really like each other, it is very obvious to each other’s trade mutual respect ROZZI chemical” has been pointed out. Then, their style THR I sat down with the editor Carol McColgin’s interview.